Instagram long picture: How to do the Loyle Carner Instagram hack

Just keep scrollin’

Loyle Carner has somehow seemingly broken social media, gifting an Instagram long picture to the world. It seems to defy all conventions.

The post racked up about 47,000 likes within an hour of being posted. But how do you do it?

How to do an Instagram long picture

There are a couple of methods for posting a very long picture on Instagram.

The most simple is simply finding a picture with the right dimensions and posting it to Instagram.

It’s important that you don’t crop or touch the picture once it’s in the Instagram editor – just straight-up post it.

Instagram long picture, Loyle Carner Instagram

Take this Kim K meme as an example. All it took was cropping the picture in your iPhone’s photo editor, and then posting it to Instagram without changing it any further.

This method works for existing pictures, but doesn’t get you anything quite as long as the Loyle Carner Instagram post.

For the truly long bois, the Instagram long post to end every other Instagram long post, your options are more limited.

A Reddit poster has talked through the method, which only works for iPhones.

  1. On Safari, Google “super long image”
  2. Save the very first result
  3.  Post it without cropping.

This is where you should end up:

Instagram long picture, Loyle Carner Instagram

Don’t worry about the black space either side of the picture – that won’t show up.

However, there’s some trial and error here. If your picture is too long, you’ll just get a blank screen.

The sweet spot for an Instagram long post seems to be 30×600 (so the picture’s five times as long as it is wide). Online image resizers are your friends here, although you’ll need to get the picture on your phone.

It’s important that all you save is the picture itself. While the black space in the above pictures is not part of the image, if you simply screenshot a long picture, you’ll only get a post as long as your phone screen – with ugly black bars either side.

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