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What is the Hinge ‘Date From Home’ feature and should I be scared of it?

In short: No

Hinge has added a new feature to the conversation section of its app recently, allowing users to indicate whether they are interested in a “Date from home” with the person they’re talking to.

The option only appears with someone you have talked to fairly extensively, so as not to scare either of you off, and essentially lets both of you know if you’re up for a pandemic-safe Hinge approved date, all from the comfort of your own homes. But can the other person see if you’ve clicked yes or no? Will it automatically call them when I still have toothpaste on my face and my hair in a bun? Is it calling them right now? Fear not, all will be explained.

The Hinge Date From Home feature explained

Basically, it’s just an indicator of interest. If you’ve used Hinge before you’ll be aware that after a while it asks you if you and the person you have been speaking to have a) gone on a date and b) would be interested in seeing each other again.

Because Hinge can’t really suggest you go on dates at the moment (national crisis and all blah blah blah) it has adapted its settings to ask if you would be interested in going on a date with this person, from your very own home. It basically means “do you both want to call and or Facetime eachother at some point?” That’s it. You just click the slider and you’re good to go.

Can they tell what I have answered on the Hinge Date From Home feature?

No, don’t worry. Hinge aren’t crazy, and they aren’t evil, either. They won’t show the other person if you click yes, or if you click no. It’s kinda like Tinder – it will only notify the other person if they also click yes. So if both of you are too shy (👉👈🥺) to suggest a FT or phone date, Hinge helps you out, free of charge. It truly is the cupid of lockdown.

hinge date from home, hinge, date from home, hinge date from home feature, hinge video call, hinge phone call,

Does the Hinge Date From Home button have its own video or phone call option built in?

Nope, Hinge is essentially saying it’s up to you to decide the platform of your choosing. FaceTime, Whatsapp, phone call – it’s entirely up to you to pick where and when. Or I guess, how and when, because none of us can go anywhere.

Does my Hinge match fancy me?

How am I supposed to know? Why are you still reading this far down? Go and talk to them, not me!

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