BREAKING: Wetherspoons announces it will reopen ‘in or around June’

The company has made a statement

JD Wetherspoons have announced that it will be reopening its pubs within the next two months.

The company made an official statement today saying that they will reopen pubs “in or around June”.

This comes a month after Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin decided to finally close all pubs in line with government advice on the pandemic.

The CEO has come under fire as of late after initially saying he would not pay his workers who took sick leave when isolating with the virus. He advised that they should “go and work in Tesco instead”.

The CEO said his company “could not afford” to pay wages of sick staff until the government steps in. This was before government paid leave was announced, with furloughed workers being paid 80 per cent of their salary by the government.

Since then, the company has announced it is in talks surrounding when to reopen after lockdown, currently stating it will be “in or around June.”

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