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Only a naughty lil possum can score 12/15 on this Too Hot To Handle trivia quiz

It’s time to prove yourself

Right now, we’re all either hooked on Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle or desperate for season two because we foolishly binged watched the entire season in one weekend. Either way we’ve all become obsessed with the cast, addicted to the drama and fanatic about what the couples are up to now. But how obsessed are you, really? This Too Hot To Handle trivia quiz is about to give you all the answers.

Did you breeze through the series whilst playing on your phone and not really paying attention? Or did you intensely watch every single second without taking your eyes of the screen? Have you watched it and then moved on with your life or are you refreshing all the cast members’ Instagrams daily to see if they’ve posted any updates with what they’re doing?

The challenge is simple: Score highly in this Too Hot To Handle trivia quiz to prove if you really can call yourself a naughty little possum who lives for the drama.

If you can score 12/15 on this Too Hot To Handle trivia quiz you’re a true fan:

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