sim trivia quiz

You can’t call yourself a true Sims super fan unless you score 10/13 on this quiz

This goes beyond how to drown them in the pool

The Sims is an iconic game that you definitely played in your childhood, and with the current situation a lot of people are spending most of their time recreating their crushes, making their dream houses and drowning their sims. But how well do you actually know the Sims? And could you pass an intense Sims trivia quiz?

We’ve devised a Sims trivia quiz that will sort out the newbie players from the loyal fans. For example do you know the basic facts like what the Sims currency is called? Can you tell which neighbourhood is which? Are you a dedicated enough player to know which expansion pack allows you to buy a spray tanning both? No, well then you’re not a real fan.

Take this Sims trivia quiz, to see how much of true sims nerd you actually are:

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