You’ll only have a chance of winning The Chase if you score 13/15 in this quiz

Don’t disappoint Bradley now

The Chase is a marvellous example of British television, eclipsing all competition in the daytime quiz category. It’s got it all; the juvenile questions (who can forget the name of that one German alpine skier?), the shit hot banter between Bradley and the hopeful contestants, and let’s not forget that it sits in that sweet spot with Pointless where you’re actually somewhat in with a chance of answering questions correctly – University Challenge, you are TOO challenging.

It’s pretty easy to sit your arse on the sofa and complain about how much better you’d do if you got the opportunity to go on the show, but who’s got the time to actually apply? Nobody, so we got 15 real questions from ITV’s The Chase so that your arse can stay firmly put, yer welcome:

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