Omg?! Francesca and Harry from Too Hot To Handle are still together!

And wait, Rhonda and Sharron have split?!

In quite shocking news, the couples from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle have given us an update on where their relationships are now and the tables have really turned. It turns out Francesca and Harry are still together and Rhonda and Sharron have broken up!! This is not what was expected?!

The couples had been teasing that they would share some “big news” on their Instagram accounts today and update us all on what they’re up to. This morning, Francesca posted a photo of her and Harry together with the caption: “Always been you”. Harry commented on the photo saying: “Love you”.

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It was previously thought the couple had broken up, because they both posted on Valentine’s Day about being single and hadn’t been seen posting in the same locations – Francesca was still living in Canada whilst Harry was in Australia.

Harry said:  “Francesca and I are better than ever, we took a bit of a break in between but now we are full steam ahead. I can’t wait to start travelling and we can put some babies in her belly!” Francesca added:  “Harry and I are still together and we are stronger than ever. It was so amazing to watch our love story unfold and I am so excited for what the future holds for the two of us!”

It looks as though they are still a thing – but honestly who knows with these two? Could they be back to having us all on like the jokers they were on the show? I really hope not. Harry has also said he’s going to post a “big reveal” soon – wonder what more he has to say?!

In quite frankly shocking news too, the other of the Too Hot To Handle couples, Rhonda and Sharron, have called it quits. Despite having met her son on the show, the couple have broken up – mainly because of the distance in their relationship. Rhonda has also added she’s dating someone else!

Too Hot To Handle, couples, split, together, netflix, now, still, broken up, Rhonda and Sharron

She said: “Sharron and I are not together, but fortunately I have been able to rekindle a relationship with a special someone.” She said Sharron gave her “strength” and that there will always be a “connection” between the two of them.

Sharron added: “Rhonda has been a blessing to have in my life, she’s been the strength to my weakness, the music to my soul and the yin to my yang. Unfortunately distance has been an issue, and although she’s miles away our connection will always be.”

I was not expecting this?!

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