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Quiz: How much of the prize fund would you cost the Too Hot To Handle villa?

I’d be throwing away $3k kisses all over the place

Too Hot To Handle on Netflix has a pretty simple premise: Enter a villa for a month, don’t touch anyone and win $100,000. But for some reason, when that is actually put into practice it’s a lot harder than it sounds. This quiz is about to tell you how much money you would blow if you were part of the Too Hot To Handle cast.

Would you be best friends with Kelz and never cost a single penny? Or would you blow it a couple of times for some innocent kisses but feel guilty after? Would you succumb to the sexual tension just once and be at it all day every day and annoy everyone else when the prize fund dribbles away to a state of non-existence?

Take this Too Hot To Handle quiz to see how much money you would take from the final prize fund:

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