This is how many staff at your uni are paid over £100,000 a year

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UCL pays 500 staff more than £100,000 a year, data has revealed.

The London uni tops the table of institutions handing out bumper pay packets, and is one of 16 paying huge sums to over 100 staff.

Imperial, where VC Alice Gast takes home the country’s biggest pay packet for a uni chief, ranks third in the table.

Meanwhile, the prominence of Warwick and Birmingham is either evidence of institutional largesse, or the compensation needed for relocating to the midlands.

See how many staff at your uni get paid over £100,000 a year:

Note: Figures for England are provided to HESA as FTE equivalent, so have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Figures for Wales and Northern Ireland are provided as headcount.

The figures come against a backdrop of financial woe for universities. Higher education experts have warned that universities face going bust if they miss out on international students next year. Some unis depend on international student fees for over a quarter of their income.

However, some have already taken action on bigwig pay. LSE, who rank sixth in this table, say they are considering a 20 per cent pay cut to senior salaries, whilst Liverpool say “measures in relation to some senior pay are also being taken forward”.

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