See how popular your degree subject actually is

I assume this gives you bragging rights over your mates, but only if you’re a cop

There is, I hope, some kind of statistical solace to be found in knowing your subject is slightly more popular than others. Knowing that, in a few months when everything’s gone belly-up in the grad job market, there are countless others in exactly the same position as you.

Well, look no further for that solace. Nursing is the most popular degree subject of all, with around five per cent of all students choosing it.

There are literally 115,000 psychology students, explaining why everyone you speak to at pres seems to study it.

Business, law, and management are unsurprisingly popular, although their relative popularity is probably secondary to how rich they’ll make you.

See if your subject is one of the top 25 most popular:

Source: HESA, HE student enrolments by subject of study 2018/19

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