What the cast of Too Hot To Handle actually do, according to their LinkedIns

Kelz pays for LinkedIn Premium which makes a lot of sense

Netflix’s new dating show Too Hot To Handle sticks the sexiest people in the world in a villa and asks them one single thing: don’t touch one another. It sounds simple, but they fail miserably. One reason might be because they all look like they were carved by the gods. It’s difficult to imagine that they are real people, and the Too Hot To Handle cast actually do normal things like having 9-5 jobs.

Who knew they’d do things like work in restaurants, work in recruitment and have degrees? So what do the cast of Too Hot To Handle actually do for jobs? Here’s what they are all up to in the real world, according to their LinkedIn profiles.

David Birtwistle

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English gentleman, David from London, has a pretty swanky LinkedIn. He’s listed as the CEO of a company called Endeavour Life LTD which is a fitness company, currently selling home workout plans. He’s also listed as the owner of “David Birtwistle Coaching”, his personal training business.

David is also listed as having not one but two bachelor degrees, which if you ask me is a bit greedy. One of his accomplishments is listed as “principle of control” which he demonstrated very well on Too Hot To Handle.

One of his recommendations is written by his dad Brian, who says: “David has just set up Physique21, and irrespective of the fact that I am his father, he has impressed me with his tenacity and professionalism in achieving his dream. I am totally convinced that anybody who uses Physique21 will enjoy a first rate professional experience, coupled with a programne that is specific and personal to their individual requirements, yet at the same time they will have FUN.”

Rhonda Paul

Too Hot To Handle, jobs, work, LinkedIn, Netflix, cast, job, career, Rhonda

This LinkedIn profile appears to belong to Rhonda from Too Hot To Handle, but she’s wearing blue contacts in her picture so looks very different. She’s listed as a restaurant and hospitality manager based in Georgia.

She’s uploaded a 2017 version of her resume, and also listed some voluntary work as a bingo assistant at a bingo hall. She also volunteered for the Red Cross blood services.

Haley Cureton

Haley Cureton, LinkedIn, profile

Unfortunately, Haley’s LinkedIn is very blank. It literally just says she’s from Florida and has two connections. She’s meant to be a business student as well.

Sharron Townsend

Too Hot To Handle, jobs, work, LinkedIn, Netflix, cast, job, career, Sharron

Sharron’s LinkedIn lists him as studying at Franklin and Marshall College and his job as being a model. It also mentions that he did varsity wrestling at school.

His top skills are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office. We stan a modern, multi-talented king.

Bryce Hirschberg

Bryce Hirschberg, LinkedIn, profile

Bryce’s LinkedIn really is something. Check out that hair do and intense cover photo for a start. He’s listed as a video producer, editor, writer and director, proving this man will try his hand at anything.

His profile is all written in third person, and his “about” section begins: “Award Winning producer/director/writer/actor whose films have been screened in some of the most popular film festivals in the world. He attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA where he studied Film Production. He was awarded the Cosgrove Endowment from LMU’s Film School, recognising an outstanding student who shows exceptional and unique promise for continued creative and academic excellence and achievement.”

He’s got some pretty impressive achievements and awards under his belt too. These include best picture, best student film and best period piece.

Oh and under his “interests” section it lists Playboy Enterprises LTD, which is much more on brand.

Kelechi ‘Kelz’ Dyke

Too Hot To Handle, jobs, work, LinkedIn, Netflix, cast, job, career, Kelz

Wow oh wow. Kelz’s LinkedIn is exactly what you would expect and more. For a start, he pays for LinkedIn Premium, which as the self-proclaimed account in Too Hot To Handle, is so on brand it hurts. His profile picture is one of the best headshots I’ve ever seen, intensified by being in black and white.

He is currently listed as a senior consultant at Proclinical Staffing, a recruiting company. He has glowing reviews in his recommendations. Kelz is described as “a talented recruiting professional with passion and positive energy”, “a true asset”, “a pleasure to work with” and “very friendly, professional and knowledgeable”. 

Lydia Clyma

Too Hot To Handle, jobs, work, LinkedIn, Netflix, cast, job, career, Lydia

The final Too Hot To Handle cast member who has a LinkedIn profile is Lydia – who simply lists her job as “TV and Social Media Presenter”. Other than that it says she’s based in Portsmouth and went to school for five years. It’s pretty blank.

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