7,500 of you voted, and we can reveal no one cares about your 30 Day Song Challenge

Sorry pal

Grab a glass of water and settle your stomach because I have some very hard pills for you to swallow. You might have seen everyone and their mums doing tag-your-mates challenges on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You have probably done one yourself. But we can now officially confirm that people find them really fucking annoying, especially the 30 Day Song Challenge.

Okay maybe I’m stretching the truth a bit, but here’s the lowdown: Last week we asked Tab readers to vote for the worst of all of these challenges, including the 5k run and the reborn neck and nominate. The poll was made almost instantly out of date by a fresh wave of awful trends over the weekend, but one still dominates our Insta feeds. Of the 7,600 who voted, a damning 2,700 went for the 30 Day Song Challenge. That’s more than double the runner-up.

And can you blame them? While most of these challenges rely on something fun like an embarrassing old picture, or a challenge, or fundraising, the 30 Day Song Challenge is about showing off how much Tame Impala you listen to. Woop-de-fucking-do.

Coming in at second place was the first pic with your boyfriend, which isn’t surprising because couples are annoying and the longevity of their relationships is just not what you want to look at when you’re sitting alone contemplating a future spent entirely in your own company.

Slipping to third, then, by roughly 100 votes was the weird Facebook posts wherein girls upload a nice picture of themselves, tag 30 of the “beautiful” women they know, and… well I’m not sure what happens after that really. Apparently people hated it more than the 5k challenge though which really is saying something. Yikes.

But on a real note if you are 14 days into the 30 day thingy this is your opportunity to bail. No one will notice, I promise. Don’t you dare think about doing that Bill Clinton one either.

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