These are the truly Too Hot To Handle Insta accounts of the Netflix show’s cast

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It’s here, the show we’ve all been waiting for. Too Hot To Handle has just dropped on Netflix and already, we’re obsessed. The cast members are gorgeous, the villa is stunning and the twists are huge. So it’s about time we all had a stalk of the Too Hot To Handle cast’s Instagrams.

And yes, I can confirm they are all as spicy as you would expect. Bikini pictures, selfies and modelling shoots galore – here are all the Instagrams of the Too Hot To Handle cast. Beware: They really are hot.


Instagram handle: @chloeveitchofficial

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via Instagram

21-year-old model, Chloe, is from Essex. She’s described as a “self confessed heartbreaker, who often puts her foot in it and occasionally says the wrong thing. She is loveable and mischievous, and was once asked to be in a girl band.”

Before starting the show she had just over 3,000 Instagram followers and her profile is basically just a mix of selfies, underwear pics and her on holiday.


Instagram handle: @david.birtwistle

David, Netflix, follow

David describes himself as an English gentleman. He’s an ex semi-pro rugby player and has a first class honours in Engineering. Oh and his ex is now dating Hugh Hefner’s son?! Cool.

Before going on the Netflix show, David had 26k followers on his Instagram account. He’s a massive gym buff, that’s all.


Instagram handle: @francescafarago

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via Instagram

Francesca was already a pretty big deal on Instagram before her Netflix fame. She had over 300k followers and was already doing brand collaborations with Missy Empire and Fashion Nova. She’s a travel influencer, which you can really tell by her feed.


Instagram handle: @haley.cure

Haley, Too Hot To Handle, Netflix, cast

via Instagram

Haley is a business student from Florida and she volunteers at an animal shelter, which is very wholesome.

Before going on Too Hot To Handle, Haley had just over 10k Instagram followers. She only has 19 posts, and she’s in a bikini in pretty much all of them.


Instagram handle: @harryjowsey

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via Instagram

Harry is definitely going to be the joker of the group. He introduces himself by saying he slides into celebs’ DMs by asking them what’s up “butter chicken”. Interesting.

Harry’s a pretty big deal on social media too, with 141k followers before he entered the Too Hot To Handle villa. And it’s no surprise, he loves sharing topless pictures of himself all over Malibu. He looks as though he’s living a pretty cool life.


Instagram handle: @kelechidyke


via Instagram

Kelz describes himself as the alpha-male. And that’s probably because at home he’s the eldest of eight siblings.

Kelz had 4,000 followers pre Too Hot To Handle. His Instagram makes him look like a pretty good-time-guy, always hanging out with his pals. He even has a snap with 2019 Love Island winner Amber Gill!!!


Instagram handle: @matthewstephensmith

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via Instagram

Matthew describes himself as spiritual and a big thinker. But he’s also got the looks too, so much so he was once in the running for America’s Next Top Model!

Matthew is doing alright I guess, with 100k followers already. If you had to describe his Instagram in three words I bet they would be: Tropical, model-ish and dreamy.


Instagram handle: @nicole.ob

Nicole, Netflix, follow

via Instagram

Fun fact about Nicole – despite being Irish and based in London, for the past two years she’s been working on yachts in Chicago hosting people like Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

When Nicole started on the show she had just under 10k followers on Instagram. Her feed is a fashion influencer’s dream. It’s basically just outfit shots all over the place.


Instagram handle: @imrhondapaul

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via Instagram

Rhonda says she can get any guy she wants and loves the chase. She owns her own jewellery brand and pre her appearance on Too Hot To Handle, Rhonda had just over 10k followers on Instagram. She really, really loves a selfie.


Instagram handle: @sharontownsendofficial

Personal trainer Sharron describes himself as a 10/10 – and you can tell from his Instagram account. Before the villa he had just over 14k followers and he’s wearing a shirt in very few of his pictures. Pretty much every single one of his pictures is from a professional shoot.


Instagram handle: @lydiaclyma

Too Hot To Handle, Netflix, Instagrams, profile, social media, cast, Lydia Clyma

Lydia isn’t in the original cast list, so she must enter the villa later on as a bombshell. Before her entry she had 12k followers on Instagram where she describes herself as a “social media presenter”.


Instagram handle: @madisonwyborny

Madison Wyborny, profile, social media, follow

via Instagram

Madison, who had 26k followers on Instagram before the show, also doesn’t join the villa straight away. She’s a model, based in LA and her feed is a tropical paradise. It’s a huge vibe and you will be jealous of her jet-setter lifestyle.


Instagram handle: @brycehirschberg

Bryce Hirschberg, Too Hot To Handle

via Instagram

Bryce is another late entry. He started with 11.5k followers on Instagram. He has his own website where he describes himself as a director, producer, writer and actor – this guy can do a lot.


Instagram handle: @korisampson

Too Hot To Handle, Netflix, Instagrams, profile, social media, cast, Kori Sampson

via Instagram

Kori is the final late entry to the Too Hot To Handle villa. The model has 29k followers on Instagram and loves sharing pictures of himself in tropical locations, despite actually being based in the UK.

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