Ranked: The YouTube stars making the most money per video

This makes me feel poor

New figures have revealed the crazy sums of money YouTubers make per video.

JoJo Siwa is the highest earning YouTuber of all, vlogging her way to around £450,000 per video.

In second place is Russian six-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya, better known as Like Nastya Vlog, who is already worth approximately $220m.

Further down the list, Jake Paul beats his brother Logan by about £7,000 per video – yet both make over double what their boxing rival KSI can bring in.

Check out the rich list of the top 25 YouTubers:

Website Onlinegambling.ca compiled the list based on estimate streaming revenues for YouTube.

As this takes into account just one revenue stream – direct advertising revenue – the true figures could in fact be even higher. Factor in the extra money a YouTuber makes from brand deals and merch sales, and those with a diversified income are looking pretty minted.

Even insurgent influencers on TikTok can’t hold a candle to these earnings. The best paid TikTokkers

This dwarfs the money thought to be earned by even the biggest TikTokkers, who only make around £40,000 a video

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