Celebs are sharing what they looked like at 20 years old and it proves we’re worthless

How can anyone compete

Everyone on Twitter is going mad f0r the #meat20 trend right now. For those unfamiliar, the challenge is to post a photo of yourself from when you were 20 because, to be honest, what else is there to do right now other than to take part in stupid social media challenges?

Supposedly this is the tweet that started it all, but since then there’s been an influx of people doing it. Amidst the trend-chasing 25-year-olds and normal nobodies doing this challenge, there’s some actual gems to be found from some of our favourite faces from film and TV. From Nigella to Carol Vorderman, everyone seems to be having a go at it, so here’s some of the best #meat2o celeb transformations:

Nigella Lawson

We all know that Nigella is the collective mummy that we wish we all had – shit, I’ve had very colourful dreams of being tucked into bed with a cup of cocoa and a good night kiss. It comes as no surprise that if someone is beautiful now, they’re likely to have been when they were younger – she’s always been stunning and she always will be, that is the only true constant in this universe.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky was clearly ahead of the curve with the #meat20 trend, posting this shot back in 2019. Yes, Ricky was a floppy-haired e-boy before they even became a thing. He’d be so big on TikTok.

Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh shared a photo of herself when she was 20 which, considering she’s 27, isn’t really much of a big deal. A sprinkle of bakeoff hatred, a touch of personal reflection, and a nice healthy dollop of “nobody asked”.

Carol Vorderman

One of the more notable alumni of Cambridge University, Carol has thrown it back to her graduation day at age 20 – either they were very different times or she was seriously excelling in school. Nice barnet.

Krishnan Guru Murthy

Our fav Channel Four newsreader, Krishnan had a serious jawline back in the day!

Helen Mirren and Judi Dench

Wow. Moving on.

Emily Atack

Emily Atack shared a photo from what looks like the set of The Inbetweeners, including a nice little message for those of us who are putting on massive amounts of weight currently.


Giles Coren

Risk IS for cool people, Giles. Looking good.

Dolly Parton

Some things never change, and by the look of Dolly Parton when she was younger, that only applies to the hair!

Nigel Slater

The slightly less sexy chef with “Nigel” in their name, but probably your 60-year-old parents’ preference, Nigel Slater was serving some serious looks when he was 2o. Double denim underneath a sweater – Nigel!!! 😳

Josh Gad

It’s weird to think that the weird little voice of an animated snowman from a widely popular Disney film came from this man’s mouth, but that’s just the way it be.

Jess Probst

Okay, so people like 58-year-old Survivor presenter Jeff Probst don’t deserve trends like these because their beauty has not waned over the years. My guy arguably looks better on the right ffs.

Busy Phillipps

Actress Busy Phillipps proves once again that youth can be eternal to those with good genes. Here she is on the set of Freak and Geeks with James Franco back in 1999. And it doesn’t stop there – that show is a whole goldmine of “me at 20’s”, so enjoy:

Katy Brand

Not much difference, tbh.

Eddie Marsan

Eddie Marsan is the most recognisable guy in films that you’d never be able to name, but he’s a seriously good actor. Being very distinctive looking, there’s no surprise here that he looks much the same.

Featured image credit: Thomas Atilla Lewis / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

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