Meet the cast of Netflix’s new dating show Too Hot To Handle

Be prepared, they really are too hot

Netflix has finally released the full cast line up for their new dating show Too Hot To Handle, and honestly they are the fittest people I’ve seen in my life.

Too Hot To Handle starts this Friday 17th April and the contestants compete to win $100k. However they must not kiss or engage in any kind of sexual activity, and will lose money each time they do. They’re basically all models, so most of them will be coming away penniless.

The contestants come from all the corners of the globe, well the UK, US and Australia to live in a beaut villa that looks already better than the Love Island house.

The trailer dropped last week and gave us a sneak peek at the contestants, but now the full Too Hot To Handle cast has been revealed and it features models, sport stars, grads and plenty of influencers.

Meet the full cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle:

The Girls

Chloe Veitch

via Instagram @chloeveitchofficial

Instagram handle: @chloeveitchofficial

Chloe is a 21-year-old model from Essex and from the trailer, she looks hilarious. She’s the one saying “think of your nan”, so I think she’ll be providing plenty of jokes.

She seems to go on a LOT of holidays, but also still goes to her local Essex Spoons, our winner already?

via Instagram @chloeveitchofficial

Haley Cureton

via Instagram @haley.cure

Instagram handle: @haley.cure

Haley is based in Florida and attends the University of North Florida. She is also part of a sorority and from her Instagram it sounds as if she’s 22 years old.

via Instagram @haley.cure

Francesca Farago

via Instagram @francescafarago

Instagram handle: @francescafarago

Francesca is already pretty huge on Instagram with over 300k followers. She is a model and splits her time between Vancouver and LA.

Francesca is a vegan and is starting her own ethical swimwear brand called Farago The Label. She also owns an incredibly cute dog called Romeo.

via Instagram @francescafarago

Rhonda Paul

via Instagram @imrhondapaul

Instagram handle: @imrhondapaul

Rhonda is based in Atlanta, maybe she knows some of the Love Is Blind cast? Rhonda owns her own jewellery brand called Pure Luxx, which focuses on bracelets.

via Instagram @imrhondapaul

Nicole O’Brien

via Instagram @nicole.ob

Instagram handle: @nicole.ob

Nicole is Irish and she recently graduated from University College Cork with a commerce degree. She lives in London and goes out to a lot of Chelsea clubs and bars. Nicole also looks banging in that same purple set Molly wore on Love Island.

Her Instagram also features her going to lots of festivals and nights out and basically I want to be her friend.

via Instagram @nicole.ob

Lydia Clyma

via Instagram @lydiaclyma

Instagram handle: @lydiaclyma

Lydia announced on her Instagram she will be joining the Too Hot To Handle cast in episode six of the show. So maybe she’s a bombshell?

Lydia is based in London and she’s a presenter, but used to be a ring girl. She has already been on TV when she was featured in Magaluf Weekender, when Jordan Davies proposed to her. Lydia has also appeared on E4’s Sex Clinic where she was checked for STI’s. Spoiler alert, she didn’t have any.

via Instagram @lydiaclyma

Madison Wyborny

via Instagram @madisonwyborny

Instagram handle: @madisonwyborny

Madison is a model based in LA. She hasn’t mentioned the show on her Instagram, but she is on Netflix’s official cast list. Maybe she’s another bombshell?

via Instagram @madisonwyborny

The Boys

Sharron Townsend

Instagram handle: @sharontownsendofficial

Sharron is an American model who was born in New Jersey. He’s done a LOT of modelling and recently won Mr Pennsylvania.

He has also been in a number of music videos including one for Fetty Wap. Before modelling Sharron studied at Franklin & Marshall college, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in economics.

David Birtwistle

via Instagram @david.birtwistle

Instagram handle: @david.birtwistle

David is an English fitness and nutrition coach. He’s also an ambassador for Nike and has released his own home fat loss guide. David has been doing a number of live workouts on Instagram recently.

He used to be part of Wasps Rugby club before moving on to study at St Mary’s University where he studied strength and conditioning.

via Instagram @david.birtwistle

Harry Jowsey

via Instagram @harryjowsey

Instagram handle: @harryjowsey

Harry is a 23-year-old Aussie who is currently living in LA. He’s already blue tick verified on Instagram and has his own clothing brand called Naughty Possums, where he sells hoodies with the logo “Boyfriend Dick”, no I’m not joking.

He’s 6″5, a YouTuber and has previously been on another dating show called Heartbreak Island in New Zealand two years ago.

via Instagram @harryjowsey

Matthew Smith

via Instagram @matthewstephensmith

Instagram handle: @matthewstephensmith

Matthew is literally trying to do it all, according to his Instagram he’s an actor, writer and model. Take a day off Matthew! He’s appeared on New Girl and American’s Next Top Model.

He is also the COO of Dream Katchers Enterprise, which is a multi media company specialising in content creation and event planning. Matthew is also a Christian and based in LA.

via Instagram @matthewstephensmith


via Instagram @kelechidyke

Instagram handle: @kelechidyke

Right let’s just say this first Kelz is 6″6!!! Kelz is based in London and plays for the American Football team London Warriors. From the looks of his Instagram, he’s attended a few BoohooMAN events, including one where he met Amber from Love Island. What a small world.

via Instagram @kelechidyke

Bryce Hirschberg

via Instagram @brycehirschberg

Instagram handle: @brycehirschberg

Bryce Hirschberg is 29-years-old and already has his own Wikipedia page, so he’s basically made it. He’s an American film director, writer and producer.

One of his short films was screened at Cannes Film Festival and he lives on a boat in California. Before creating his own films Bryce studied at Loyola Marymount University.

via Instagram @brycehirschberg

Kori Sampson

via Instagram @korisampson

Instagram handle: @korisampson

Kori is a model based in Hertfordshire. From his Instagram he appears to be obsessed with working out and has just released his own guide so you can try and become as buff as him.

via Instagram @korisampson

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