A guide on how to take excellent nudes when you’ve got small boobs

Get those angles gurl

There’s no doubt that the receiving and sending of nude pics are probs at their highest right now since nudes began. At a time when we’re all stuck inside, horny and looking for some sexy intimacy, nudes are the perfect solution. However, they take a level of artistic skill and planning to get right. We’ve educated many women on the general tips on how to take great nudes, but one size doesn’t fit all. It’s time to get a bit more specific and we’re starting with all our small-titty readers out there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re insecure about your smaller boobs or you’re completely obsessed with them – nudes can be difficult. The wrong angles, lighting and positions can flatten them, make them look an odd shape or just awkwardly squish them. We’ve pooled together the key tips from a bunch of smaller-boobed women who have mastered the art of titty pics.

Get ur pens and notepads out, and get ready to take some fire nudes.

How to take nudes when you’ve got small boobs:

If you get the position right, you’re already 60 per cent there

Getting the right position is important for anyone taking nudes, however, small boobs sometimes take a bit more work to get right. Whether you’re trying to make your boobs look a bit bigger or just trying to get the most flattering shot – there are a few positions that work very well.

The most effortless one is laying on your side. Gravity is our friend here and makes your boobs look round, perky and just generally flatters the shape. By laying on your side you also press the other boob against the bed and give yourself a bit of cleavage.

Sitting on your knees, leaning slightly forward. Again by leaning forward, gravity helps us out a bit here. This angle is also super flattering on your hips, legs, stomach, everything.

Laying on your back. Seems counterintuitive because naturally, this flattens you, however, this gives you great side boob and there’s often not enough boob for them to fall under your pits, so they can look really perky. If you take the pic from one side at a lower angle, this accentuates the curve of the side and top.

Use your arms and hands for a bit of support

Cleavage and general boob shape can easily be lost in pics when you have small boobs. This is where positioning your hands and arms in nudes works a treat.

For example, if you’re sitting on your knees and leaning forward, use one arm for support and push it against your boob – doesn’t obviously look like your pushing in your boobs but makes a big difference. Equally, if you’re lying on your back, use your hand to push up one boob or bring your hand under the opposite armpit, pushing your boobs together and highlighting your cleavage.

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman confidently holding and playing with parts of her body. Don’t be afraid to grab hold on your boobs – it gives them a bit of lift whilst also making the nature of the pic ten times hotter.

small boobs nudes

The right lighting can completely transform the nude

With smaller boobs, it’s not as easy to capture the curve of the under-boob or side-boob. If the shape is washed out by bright lighting, your whole boob will disappear!

Turn the lights off and get some fairy lights or lamps on. Sometimes having really low lighting and then using flash on your phone works really well – if your phone’s at arms-length it adds just the right amount of contrast, and highlights all the curves and shape.

There’s no shame in a bit of contouring

If we can put make-up on our face to get a fit picture, we can do the same for nudes. Fake tan or a bit of bronzer works really well here. If you know you’ve got a sexting session coming up, a bit of fake tan can help you feel more confident in general but can also flatter the shape of your boobs in pics. Equally, to give you an added boost, get some bronzer and contour around them.

Use a bra to give you an extra lift

If you’re not feeling 100 per cent with your boobs completely nude, then wear a bra that flatters you – either push up, one that adds support or just a lacy one that makes you feel good. Also, if the bra isn’t too padded and you want to show some bare boob, a good trick is to tuck the bra cup underneath your boob, which gives really good lift.

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