These 21 memes hit different if you’ve tested positive for missing the homies

Can’t wait to cuddle when we get out of lockdown

There are a lot of things you might miss about life outside of lockdown: Maccies, Spoons, two jogs a day, but for guys, there’s something sacred, primal, and intimate we have gone a long time without – and that is a cuddle with the homies.

Weeks it has been since we’ve had the chance to kiss our homies goodnight by planting a big wet smacker on their forehead (because any lower than that would be sexual and we can’t have that), and it’s been forever since we felt the totally-not-erotic comfort of our homies platonically spooning us. If you’re without your homies in this difficult time, these memes about missing them are the next best thing.

These are all the best memes about missing the homies

Get ready to cry, lads.

1. How else will they sleep tight?

2. The essentials

3. Now I have to do it over Skype smh

4. Doctor I need to see the homies right away

5. I repeat: NOT gay

6. Meanwhile you’re living with your parents you LOSER

7. Okay I’ll try

8. RT!!!

9. And you can’t stop me

10. By T.S. Eliot

11. It’s so symmetrical by also so heartbreaking

12. More and more every day

13. Live from my room

14. You can’t stop us

15. But I’m shy

16. And you know what it’s not far from the truth

17. Scaly hugs <3

18. Joe Exotic really understood how to treat the homies

19. And another one for the road

20. Don’t let me go

21. Friendship

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