These 27 nature is healing memes are a perfect isolation pick-me-up

The yodel boy is back in Walmart, we are the virus

Quarantine and lockdown is a pretty bleak place to be sometimes. But at least something good can come out of it because by the looks of the memes circulating, nature is finally healing. Since we’ve all been isolating, a crazy amount of animals have magically come out of extinction and returned to their natural habitat, meaning only one thing: We are in fact the virus.

The memes all started when some pictures of Venice went viral whilst Italy was in lockdown. The pictures appear to show the rivers as flowing crystal clear, with swans and fish swimming in them. The person who posted the pictures swears by them being legit.

If you need a little pick-me-up and some positivity in your day, here are some of the best nature memes which prove we are actually the virus and the world is beautiful. Ok, I know most of these pictures aren’t actually true, but when you’re stuck in your house 24/7 it’s nice to dream that maybe there really are dolphins in local rivers, dinosaurs roaming the streets happily and pasta back on the shelves.

1. Wow! I’ve never seen ducks so big!

2. I can hear this picture

3. Would you look at that

4. Incredible!!

5. Animals doing what animals should be

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6. You’ll never see scenes like this again

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7. I can’t believe it ! They’re back !

8. Just look at them go

9. Stunning

10. Is that the Loch Ness monster in the flesh?!!

11. I never thought I’d see this again in my lifetime

12. What an incredible world we live in

13. This really is a thing of beauty

14. Look at that giraffe!!!!

15. I needed to see this

16. Haters will say it’s Photoshop

17. I’m so happy for them

18. Look at him having a lil snack

19. How Leeds should be x

20. W O W

21. Such amazing creatures, where they belong

22. It’s been so long!!

23. Things you love to see

24. This one brought a tear to my eye

25. Wow, what a …scene

26. It’s nice to see them back x

27. So green!

Seriously though, stay home. For latest Coronavirus advice, see the NHS website here. 

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