Has your grad job been cancelled because of coronavirus? Tell us

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The chaos caused by coronavirus is extending beyond how you’re actually going to finish your degree, with companies going as far as cancelling grad schemes.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of a company you’ve applied to, or been accepted by, cancelling your grad scheme, let us know.

The Tab is reporting on the disruption the coronavirus crisis is causing students.

With help from our readers, we’ve reported on private landlords trying to hold students to tenancies which have been disrupted beyond recognition. Students in private halls across the country have been fighting to get out of paying thousands in rent for rooms they can’t use. Since reporting these stories, at least two companies have changed tack and released students from expensive contracts.

If your grad scheme has been cancelled, get in touch at [email protected] Forwarding the emails the companies sent is also much appreciated, as it gives us proof we need to report on it