Tell us how you play Animal Crossing and we’ll tell you how successful you’ll be

Do you have Tom Nook’s drive or not?

Can we all take a moment to thank God (Nintendo) for delivering unto us the miracle of Animal Crossing New Horizons just in time for us to never leave the house? I shit you not this game has saved lives and I am not ashamed to admit it occupies my every waking thought.

How you chose to go about creating and managing your very own Island is totally up to you, but the choices you make say a lot about the kind of person you are – and whether you have the skills to manage the trials of adult life. After all, if you can’t pay debts to a talking raccoon by selling his sons the rocks you find on the floor, how in the world are you meant to earn a living from an actual job?

So tell us how you spent your days on the Nook Getaway Package, then realise just how fucked you are:

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