Omg Club Penguin is back and that’s my lockdown sorted

Can’t wait to hit up the Pizza Parlour

Club Penguin, aka the greatest online game, has officially relaunched and now we all have something to do in quarantine. By this point you’ve probably exhausted all the woohooing you can do on Sims and pulled out all the weeds you can in Animal Crossing and so it’s time for a new game.

The relaunched site already has 6 million users and I fully intend to be one of them.

Creating your own penguin, getting a puffle, going ice fishing, sledge racing and getting banned for swearing filled my childhood days and I can’t wait to recreate it.

via Twitter @_CPOnline

Club Penguin was discontinued in 2017 after a lot of people stopped playing but now the site has relaunched and it is totally free to play.

The swearing ban is still in place but Club Penguin is another great place to virtually meet up with your friends and feel as if you’re still going out by attending the dance club.

Everyone on Twitter is incredibly excited about this news and they’re also tweeting how Club Penguin has changed now that it is full of adults playing it. This obviously includes getting drunk at 2am and trying to flip the iceberg over or talking about Obama Care, because why wouldn’t you?

Play the relaunched Club Penguin here.

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