Joe Exotic is being released from prison and wants to open a zoo in the UK

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The Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, is being released from prison and has said he has plans to start up a brand new zoo in the UK!!

The 57-year-old, who is also known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison and is currently serving his jail time in Grady County Jail in Oklahoma. However, it has been announced that due to his good behaviour in jail and the popularity of the Netflix series he is going to be released early.

Joe Exotic in jail, via Netflix

It has also been revealed that in a phone call with Netflix producers just after Joe Exotic found out the news for himself, he said his dream is to open a zoo in the UK. He reportedly said it “would not be possible” to continue as a big cat owner in the US given everything that has happened, but he is “not willing to give up on his dreams”. He plans to move to the UK and open another zoo as soon as he is able to.

He is said to be planning to make the new zoo even bigger and better than ever. He wants to house tigers, lions, jaguars, komodo dragons, hippos and even snow leopards. In the near future he sees room for a waterpark and wants to scale it up to be the biggest attraction the UK has ever seen. He added: “I would like to relaunch my online presence and think my Instagram would be a great platform for a competition where people can name the zoo. The winner will never pay entry in their life.”

It is thought Joe Exotic currently has zoo keepers scouting out potential locations, with Kent, Cornwall or Wales looking likely – given the need for a such a large plot of free land.

There have been a number of campaigns to free Joe Exotic since the documentary series aired and it looks as though they have been listened to. A spokesperson for Grady County Jail said: “We see no reason to house Mr Exotic any further. He has raised an appeal with us and we have decided to fast track it and have it granted due to his recent popularity. We do not view Mr Exotic as a threat to the public and therefore believe it is a better use of resources to free up his current cell. We will not be making any further comment at this time.”

Joe Exotic is expected to be released within the next month.


Before you get too excited and/or outraged, check the date. 🤪

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