Can someone explain why couples on TikTok are flashing each other for clout?

Habs I thought you were better than this

Happy one week of lockdown, guys! I assume you’re all enjoying the new Animal Crossing game, or Sims, or a book, since there really isn’t much else to do. Hopefully you’re not in too deep with your fledgling TikTok career either, because if you are you have probably considered hopping on this terrible, terrible trend. Ladies and gents, may I present you the worst crossover yet between couples and lockdown boredom: the TikTok naked challenge.

TikTok naked challenge: What is the TikTok boyfriend challenge? Where it come from? Why people are walking in front of their boyfriends playing video games.


It’s all you’ve probably seen on your for you page recently, and you might have asked yourself if this really is the only way these poor people can convince their partners to shag them, or if these people really deserve to be having sex at all. This is everything you need to know about the naked challenge.

What is the TikTok naked challenge and where did it come from?

The premise is simple: wait for a moment when your significant other is playing video games, or on a conference call, or working, get your kit off, grab your phone and film his reaction to you walking in.

If your lucky your boyfriend will make a really weird face and congrats you’re probably already engaging in some really lacklustre foreplay. Well done you.

How does the viral trend work?

Despite being everywhere, the trend is very secretive. Basically, the TikTok algorithm picks up on people using the word naked in captions, and flags them. So people get around it by saying ‘n4k3d’ or ‘nakid’ or ‘nakey’ because they’re just so devious.

The trend was started by and is most popular among hetero women and their walking stereotype boyfriends, who all seem to play video games with headsets on. It has now sadly diversified, and it’s not uncommon to see gay couples, housemates, or even siblings doing it. It’s gross, but aside from that there really isn’t that much more to it. For guys, like Jamie Liang, there’s a little twist you can put on the format where your gf jokes about how small and ugly your flaccid penis is. Enjoy the likes!

TikTok naked challenge examples


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