I had a second FaceTime date with the same guy and this is what went down

I met his dog!!

Last week I went on a FaceTime first date which was actually a great experience. I bought a £6 bottle of prosecco, set my laptop up on my bed, did my make up and wore sweatpants. There was a little bit of awkwardness at the start, but my date George and I had some decent convo and stayed chatting for a good few hours. It was great and the kind of date I’ll definitely be doing again, even when lockdown is over.

But would it still be as good a second time round? On a second date in the real world that’s when you start to figure out if you actually like this person. You usually go for dinner, share a bottle of wine and then go for drinks somewhere else. The conversation is often a bit deeper, talking about previous relationships, family and when you lost your virginity.

It’s the time when you figure out if this is someone you’ll just sleep with once or if you could actually see yourself dating them. And on a normal second date, the physical tension usually builds up, you’ll definitely have kissed them and sometimes you end up back at theirs.

But you can’t do any of this over a FaceTime and I wondered if some of the great aspects of a second date would be lost in the virtual world and if it would be as successful.

So when I said yes to my second FaceTime date with George, I decided to document it and give you all a rundown of what actually goes down on a FaceTime second date.

So this is what a second date on FaceTime is really like:

The outfit

I would also usually wear a skirt or make a bit more effort with my outfit on a second date, as you’re at the stage where you like them so you want to impress.

However it was a FaceTime second date so things were a little different. It was a Friday night and after a week of work I was quite tired and just wanted to get into my leggings and a jumper, which is exactly what I did.

Yeah if it was a normal first date I would have made effort, but this is the joy of a FaceTime date. After a few minutes you don’t really focus on what they’re wearing and the screen is so small you basically can’t see their outfit.

I obviously still did my makeup because it’s only date two and I’m not going to scare the poor boy by not wearing any makeup.

The setup

On a second date, you’ve usually broken the ice, got past the awkward small talk and potentially kissed. So on a second date I like to go for dinner, nothing fancy, but it is nice to get some food, drinks and chat a bit more.

Obviously we couldn’t get food together and whilst in a non-pandemic time, it would cute (cringe) to make the same food and eat together over the screen. But right now we all need to be mindful with how much food we’re using and it seemed pretty wasteful to have two dinners made in my house, so I didn’t suggest it.

But as I made no effort with my outfit and I still wanted to feel like I was going on a date, I made myself a cocktail.

FYI I make a banging espresso martini

The actual date

George and I agreed to start our date at 8:30 again. It was definitely a less awkward start and we’d been chatting all week, so we picked off where we left off.

The chat was very good and because we were on FaceTime I think we ended up having far deeper convos than you usually would on a second date. We talked about when we lost our virginities, what we liked about ourselves, our first crushes (mine was Draco Malfoy and his was a girl in school) and what would be the worst text message we could receive.

Some interruptions – my mum and his dog joined the date

In our first FaceTime date you may recall my mum walked into say goodnight, well this time she went one step further and came in and started saying hi to George, who was incredibly cool with it. But you definitely don’t get that on a normal second date.

Another far more welcome interruption was George’s very cute dog Lemmy joining our date. Lemmy came wondering into George’s bedroom for a few minutes and then left, but he was a real highlight of the date.

Ending the date

On a normal second date if it’s gone well you’re definitely having a kiss and maybe a bit more. Because of FaceTime George and I were not that lucky. We both agreed whilst FaceTime is great, it does put certain frustrating barriers in place and we said we would have kissed had it been in person.

We chatted for a good few hours and ended the call around midnight.

A third date??

Yes, we are having a third FaceTime date. Half way through the FaceTime he asked me for a third date and I said yes. So, watch this space people.

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