Take this quiz to find out if your relationship would survive quarantining together

Forget Casa Amor, this is the ultimate relationship test

Ru Paul once famously said “if you don’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love anybody else”. But when it comes to a government enforced lockdown that literally told couples to move in together or stay apart indefinitely, the real line should be “if you get irritated by the sound of your partner chewing how the hell you still gonna love them after spending three weeks together in quarantine”.  Not quite as catchy but way more accurate, if you ask me.

Don’t waste time looking up expensive relationship therapists – you’ll probably have to do an awkward Skype call with them just to find out you and your partner need five more sessions to explore your chewing problem, and how deep down it all comes from issues with your father. Just take this quiz instead, and you’ll know for sure whether your relationship would last through quarantining together. Let’s get some Quarantinis and settle in.

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