Good News Column: Britney Spears’ iconic run and homes for all the homeless

And a full Killing Eve season three trailer!

Welcome to The Tab’s daily round up of good news, bringing you heartwarming stories, funny moments and important trash TV updates from around the globe to help you get through the day during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Britney Spears is faster than Usain Bolt

Britney Spears is the Queen of Instagram and has been providing us all with some solid content during isolation. And then last night she claimed she was faster than Usain Bolt. And honestly, I believe her.

She posted on her Instagram she had run a 100m sprint in 5.97 seconds. Usain Bolt, aka the world champion until now, has the record for running the 100m in 9.58 seconds. But clearly he’s got some competition.

Britney has since come out and she was only joking but I still choose to believe she’s the fastest person in the world.

The National Theatre are broadcasting shows online

To keep us all entertained during lockdown, The National Theatre will be putting on pre-recorded theatre performances from next week.

It will begin next Thursday 2nd April at 7pm, when they will put “One Man, Two Guvnors” starring James Corden on their YouTube channel. If for some reason, you’re super busy in lockdown the shows will be available on demand for a further seven days.

This is the first in a series of two month performances they will be broadcasting. Other shows will include Jane Eyre, Twelfth Night and Treasure Island.

A young girl finishes chemo and gets a social distancing welcome home party

On Twitter one mother shared the good news her daughter Coco, had completed her last round of chemo. On their drive home on Coco’s street, loads of their neighbours gathered holding up signs welcoming Coco home and wishing her congratulations.

The neighbours obviously all kept far away from each other, but still came out to support Coco, who was so sweet and started crying after seeing all the support.

Loads of celebs have been donating equipment and money for coronavirus

Whilst some celebs have only donated their voices in a tragic group sing along, a number of them have put their millions to good use during the pandemic.

Again our girl Britney Spears is hands down saving us all by offering to pay for food or diapers or anything anyone needs.

Rihanna has also been super helpful by donating personal protective equipment for New York medics. Angelina Jolie donated $1 million to No Kid Hungry, to provide meals for children from low income families whilst schools are closed.

Taylor Swift hasn’t made any public donations and instead focused on helping out individual fans, she’s paid for one fan’s household bills as well as helping out a freelance photographer.

The government has demanded all rough sleepers to be housed by the weekend

This is a landmark move from the government. Boris Johnson’s personal homeless authority wrote to local authorities requesting all rough sleepers were to be housed by the weekend.

Dame Louise Casey said her aim was that: “everybody can have an offer of accommodation by this weekend”. The sudden move to protect the homeless is to stop the risk of spread of coronavirus.

There’s finally a trailer for Killing Eve season three

BBC America have finally dropped the full trailer for Killing Eve season three and it looks SO good!!!

We don’t have a UK release date yet but the US date has been moved up to 12th April, so here’s hoping we’ll get it really soon.

Birmingham students have set up a community group to deliver supplies for people self-isolating

Not everyone who is self-isolating can get out of the house to fetch supplies so a very nice bunch of Birmingham students have set up a community group to deliver supplies to those in need.

They’re urging students who are heading home to donate their unwanted food, sanitary products and toiletries to those who need them most. Students can donate supplies at Jarrett Hall Reception between 12pm-4pm and then the group will sort through products and give to those in need.

We hope this made your day a little brighter.

Featured images via Instagram @britneyspears and BBC

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