We spoke to the guy behind the fake property shows going massive on TikTok

His student DJ impression is also pretty spot-on

Whether you’re a neek who gets you viral videos from Facebook or a real one who mainlines them pure directly from TikTok, you’ve probably seen this dead-on parody of every property show you watched while you were hungover in your uni living room instead of actual uni.

@niall.grayEvery property show ever… London edition ##propertyshow ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – niall.gray

If you haven’t seen this guy’s property videos somewhere, you’ve probably seen his impressions of student, school disco, and wedding DJs because they are also top quality videos. But the big question is, who is this man and why is he so good at TikTok?

@niall.grayEvery DJ On A Student Night ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – niall.gray

Well, turns out his name is Niall Gray. He’s a 23-year-old presenter on Capital, which probably explains why he’s so good at being a TikToker. It may not be the rags-to-viral-riches story you wanted but sometimes you don’t get what you want. So after some back and forth with Niall’s management I got him on the phone and asked him the following very important questions.

At what point did you realise you had the ideal voice for those DJ videos?

Well, a lot of people told me. I used to have such a high pitched voice and as soon as it broke people were like ‘oh you’ve got a bit of a radio voice.’ I don’t think people realise I’m a presenter and a DJ because they’re just two things I joke about online.

It all came about when me and a mate were mucking about on a long drive and I was doing the old school DJ voice and thought ‘oh we should make this into a video’.

@niall.grayWhy does every Fairground worker sound the same ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – niall.gray

Can you actually DJ?

I can actually. I obviously don’t do any real DJ’ing in the videos but I have DJ’d at a few club nights, a few events as well. I was working in Brighton a while back and Capital put on this student lock-in in a shopping centre. I’ve done a few house parties as well.

You’re DJ’ing a student event in Manchester. What’s going on the playlist?

I mean Sean Paul’s gotta be there you cant have a night out without Sean Paul. Hmmm, I’m on the spot now. I think I’ll have to look at the playlist. Not the Cha-Cha Slide. Maybe a bit of Pizza Hut?

What’s your go-to wedding banger?

Mr Brightside gotta be there, Sweet Caroline. What else is there? Time of My Life? Get emotional – always key. 

@niall.grayEvery Wedding DJ ##everydjever ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ original sound – niall.gray

If you could DJ any student event in the country, where would it be and why?

Leeds Uni. Been once. Seemed quite nice. Nottingham would also be nice to see.

What’s your favourite property show?

Gotta be Place in The Sun. How that video came about was a bit of a weird one. Me and a mate we were just on holiday in PortAventura and kept driving by derelict buildings and I wanted to get out and do a quick Instagram story.

@niall.grayWhy is this every property show ever. ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – niall.gray

We basically spent the next three hours going round this old ugly building and then went into the town. We then spent the rest of the holidays on that. Then went to Budapest and roped a few more mates into it.

What have you got in the pipeline now everyone’s on lockdown?

Gonna have to get some more of these DJ videos done. Maybe a quarantine DJ. There’s a lot of celebs getting on Instagram lives – lot of home workouts. Think it’s time for DJ Daz to do a quarantine DJ set.

When are you planning to pivot to being a full-time TikToker?

I didn’t really have a plan to become a TikToker. That one video all I did was get some deodorant cans out like CO2 in the club. Overnight it just did quite well – better than I expected. And since then I’ve just kept doing it.

Does it piss you off when people tweet your videos and steal all your clout?

At first, it did. It’s always the way. They usually end up getting more views than you and I’d just be like urghh just tag me. But now I think it’s alright. It’s kind of nice to see a lot of my mates keep tagging me in it.  I’m just glad people are enjoying them.

@niall.grayWhy do all wedding DJs sound the same ##fyp ##foryou ##micdrop ##everydjever♬ original sound – niall.gray

Last question. Snog, marry, kill: Christian from Homes Under the Hammer, Kirsty from Location, Location Location, or Jasmine from A Place in the Sun?

Sorry Christian. Gonna have to kill ya. Let’s marry Kirsty… and who’s the other one?


Oh no! Place in The Sun – that’s where my heart’s at…. Ah go on let’s snog her.

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