Boys are shaving their heads in quarantine and we asked them what they were thinking

How’s it going, not so slim shady?

As the reality of a three week lockdown seeps in and everyone slowly realises that no one will be seeing them for literally weeks except their nearest and dearest, more and more boys are coming to the same conclusion: “Might just shave my head.”

He’ll say that to you every day for multiple days until you gas him up enough to do it, or offer to shave it yourself – or until he finally convinces his mum.

It’s a catch all solution: You can’t get a haircut because the country is in a literal lockdown. You don’t want your hair to get all long and ratty. You’re also extremely bored and haven’t posted anything on Insta in tiiime because we’ve all been quarantined. Plus, it’s funny innit. All paths lead to one outcome: It’s time to shave your head.

And that’s exactly what boys have been doing. So we decided to ask them why, and if they regret it now, because you can bet some of these beautiful scalps are gonna be covered by caps come summertime when we’re all free again.

Sam, a Liverpool grad, said: “I did it because I always wondered what it would look like, and now was a better time than ever being in lockdown for three weeks – however I wish I hadn’t completely forgot about video conference meetings but what can you do! I don’t regret it, solidarity with my housemates who also shaved their heads!”

Bruno, a Royal Holloway student, also shaved his head – saying: “No barbers are open during the lockdown, so I took matters into my own hand and did what was necessary. Working remotely helps keep my head warm so it’s not too bad.” Can’t really blame him.

George, a Nottingham Trent grad, has shaved his head before – but wanted to relive the baldness now we’re in lockdown. He told The Tab: “I shaved my hair off originally four years ago as a sort of bucket list thing to do, and rated it for being so easy to maintain along with the beard. Literally just a grade one on top and on my beard ready to go. I stopped recently as I got a new job, but now we’re in lockdown and no one can see me!

“I don’t regret it at all you know, my scalp feels so free and I can now use a minimal amount of shampoo which is a bonus. However, have to watch that I don’t burn my scalp on particularly sunny days.”

But Will Bull, a fellow baldie, is going further than the boys just doing it out of boredom or love for the look. He decided to make this whole head-shaving epidemic (ironic because we’re in a pandemic) into a force for good, and started the #CovHead_19Challenge on Instagram. The challenge means that you have to shave your head, and alongside it donate money to NHS Charities Together, which helps to support over 250 charities that support the NHS across the UK.

Will told The Tab: “I thinking about shaving my head anyway and I’ve done loads of charity things before so I was just like fuck it. I’ve seen loads of other challenges going around like the toilet roll challenge, and what better time to do it than when you’re stuck here? Plus you can share it with your mates and actually do something for a good cause. I actually want to get some girls involved because there’s a really cool charity that makes wigs out of girls hair for people with cancer, it’s called The Princess Trust.

“I honestly feel sexier than ever. Also, you’re not going to see anyone – get on and do it, it’s for a good cause. You’re raising money for the NHS which helps support staff and patients, and people actually affected by coronavirus.”

If you want to shave your head out of more than just boredom, donate to the NHS Charities via the Just Giving page here and get ready to see your own beautiful, altruistic reflection in that big bald head of yours.

Or if you’re really precious about your tresses, just look at this effort from Sam Fenton, a Cardiff Met grad:

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