Bongo’s Bingo is doing live streams and now we can have booze filled bingo fun!

This is the news I needed to hear

Bongos’s Bingo is now doing live streams and this is the only way I’ll be spending my quarantine evenings. Playing bingo in your sweatpants, a bottle of wine and still being able to see your mates via live stream is the dream.

Bongo’s Bingo have been doing a number of live stream events since everyone went into isolation and Boris shut down the clubs.

They said they’ve started doing the live events on Twitch as a way to bring a bit of joy to everyone and I can’t thank them enough. They said: “Times are hard at the minute, so we’ve decided to bring our unique brand of bingo online to give you a laugh.”

This will be you, just behind a laptop screen

The events are super easy to do from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a UK registered mobile and a pen and paper. Alcohol and snacks are optional but basically essential.

The numbers are generated from your phone, the presenters go live on Twitch and once you’ve got all your numbers ticked off you text them Bingo with your name and location.

They’ve given a breakdown of the rules on their Instagram and this is how to play:

1. Your bingo numbers are generated from your phone. So take out off the first zero of your number.

2. Then group the 10 numbers into five groups of 2.

via Instagram @bongosbingo

3. If you’ve got a 00 or a number over 90 don’t panic cause they’ve got a machine that covers this.

4. If one of your numbers is a duplicate then just increase it by one.

via Instagram @bongosbingo

5. Go onto the livestream on Twitch. 

6. As your numbers are called mark them off on a bit of paper.

7. If you get them all WhatsApp the word “Bingo” and your name and location to 07517386930. The message must come from the winning telephone number.

The next live stream is tomorrow evening at 8pm on Twitch and I am so excited!!

You can find out about future events at @bongosbingo.

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