Shaughna thinks she had coronavirus when she was on Love Island

Does this mean the whole villa was infected?

Shaughna said she’s convinced she had coronavirus whilst filming for Love Island back in January because she had breathing problems.

On her Instagram story Shaughna said she’s sure she had coronavirus because she was really ill and had breathing problems and she asked the Love Island production assistant to back her up.

In the post she said: “Thinking about it, I’m convinced I had the rona in the Love Island villa.

“I was illlllll! Couldn’t breathe laying down and all that shit! @kittyure back me up here pls and thnx.”

via Instagram @shaughnaphillips

It’s highly unlikely Shaughna actually had the virus because of the timings of her travel to and from South Africa.

She flew out to South Africa in early January and came back after being savagely dumped by Callum on 14th February. South Africa did not have its first reported case of coronavirus until 5th March.

We do know that Ollie in the Love Island villa apparently had norovirus when they first started filming but no other islanders have reported to feeling unwell or having symptoms of coronavirus whilst in Love Island.

The next series of Love Island is currently being discussed and is potentially being cancelled because of coronavirus.

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