Revealed: The degree subjects which get you the most Tinder matches, as a girl

This is surprising isn’t it

Choosing a degree subject is a complex thing. Job prospects, future earnings, and intellectual stimulation all play on the mind as you plug choices into UCAS. Yet, the data really needed to make an informed choice is how likely that subject is to lead to success on dating apps.

Luckily, some researchers have worked out which one is the best if you want to get Tinder matches. looked at the top 10 degrees students enrolled in 2018/19 according to HESA and made separate Tinder profiles with everything kept the same except the degree they studied. They then swiped right on 200 people and waited to see the results.

For girls, studying law gets the most matches, with over 90 per cent of swipes resulting in a match.

Check out the degree subjects which get girls the most Tinder matches below:

These results stand in contrast to what happened when the experiment was run for guys. In that run, law and education were the least attractive subjects.

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