The next series of Love Island could be cancelled because of coronavirus

This is not the news we needed to hear right now

The next series of Love Island, meant to be taking place in June, is looking like it could be scrapped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Love Island would have been the only thing getting us through quarantine and making us feel as if we’re having a summer.  The Islanders are always self isolating in the villa, but according to The Sun, ITV are in crisis talks over how to handle the next series and if it should go ahead at all.

A source told The Sun it’s probably not going to go ahead as: “All the signs are pointing towards the show not airing.”

love island next series cancelled

Shaughna is all of us rn

The travel restrictions, insurance and how Mallorca is handling the situation will all affect if the show goes ahead. The show also requires a lot of work that could not be pulled together in a short amount of time.

A source said: “A huge amount of work goes into Love Island and to pull everything together in a very short space of time would be near impossible.

“Casting aside, they need to think about all the paperwork necessary, the show’s insurance and all the tests that cast members must undergo.

“The team are also very conscious that if overseas travel restrictions are not lifted in time, filming in Mallorca as normal will be ruled out of the question.

“Not to mention the risks of cast members and crew contracting the virus, or pulling out because their family members have become seriously ill.”

love island canelled next series coronavirus

What are we going to do without a summer of fitties, memes and synchronised couple dances?

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