Do you know the man behind the lasagne voice note? We want to chat to him

Please let me eat a lasagne the size of Wembley

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which is perfectly reasonable if you’re taking self-isolation seriously, you’ll have heard the jokes lasagne WhatsApp voice note doing the rounds.

Starting off in the guise of one of the vaguely sourced rumours doing the rounds (“my sister’s boyfriend’s uncle knows somebody whose barber works at the MOD and has inside access”), it quickly takes you down an absurd path – they’re going to build a lasagne the size of Wembley to make sure nobody goes hungry whilst self-isolating.

I sent it to my Dad and he said it was the first proper laugh he’d had in days.

Anyway, we want to talk to the guy behind it. Nothing bait, we just wanna talk to him and find out more about the voice note.

If you know him, or even are him, get in touch – email us at [email protected] I made that dumb as hell Photoshop for the cover picture so you know I’m genuinely invested in this.

Featured image: Lasagne credit jules:stonesoup via CC BY 2.0, Wembley credit Jbmg40 via CC BY-SA 3.0