There’s a new dating site for women who specifically seek out men with small dicks

Men with more than 5.5 inches need not apply

A new dating site called “dinkyOne” has launched exclusively for men with small penises and the people who seek out and appreciate a small dick.

dinkyOne is free to join and the only requirement men must meet is that they have a penis smaller than the average erect penis of five and a half inches.

Whilst a lot of people think a big ol dick is what’s needed to pleasure someone, dinkyOne is setting out to change the image associated with unrealistic body standards.

According to their website: “Media and the Internet are putting ever increasing pressure on men to measure up to certain standards, be it body image or penis size. Body image is generally within your control but penis size is not, unless you undergo surgery.

“In addition, the Internet is packed with false claims and products to increase penis size. Many young men now think that you need a 12 inch penis to satisfy your partner. This is simply not the case and our dating site is here to normalise the situation.”

The site also hopes that by having someone’s dick size out in the open, there will be no cause for embarrassment or awkwardness later on as your date will know exactly what they’re getting.

It says: “If you think you have a smaller than average penis there’s no need to be embarrassed. At every man has a below average penis size.

“This means anyone you date will be fully aware and you can avoid unnecessary pressure or anxiety.”

And a lot of people are quite partial to a small penis. Some women find sex painful and so would rather opt for a less endowed man or on the other side of the scale some women have a particular fetish for men with small dicks. Whatever floats your boat.

The creator of dinkyOne has also created an app for men with big dicks called Big One.

Which obviously caters for men with big dicks and those who need a lot of inches. Any man who wants to apply must have an erect dick bigger than five and a half inches.

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