Revealed: The degrees which get the most Tinder matches, as a man

Ngl I am genuinely shocked at this

Ever thought your degree was holding you back from getting dating app action? Now that unis are basically shutting down, you’d be free to switch and nobody would notice. The question is: which degree should you switch to?

Luckily, some researchers have worked out which one is the best if you want to get Tinder matches. looked at the top 10 degrees students enrolled in 2018/19 according to HESA and made separate Tinder profiles with everything kept the same except the degree they studied. They then swiped right on 200 people and waited to see the results.

Medics get the most matches – only one in eight swipes didn’t get a match. Closely followed, weirdly, by computer science.

At the other end, education students only got matches from half their swipes, and law barely fared any better.

Check out the degree subjects which get guys the most Tinder matches below:

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Featured image: Neil Stewart, Subway Cowgate Edinburgh