Necking pints and TikTok dances: Introducing the self-isolators of the week

Honestly this looks more fun than going outside

There’s no more uni this year, maybe ever for some students. If your housemate has a cough, none of you can leave the house. Spending ages in your student house with nothing to do could be a grim prospect.

Unless, that is, you’re one of these incredibly inventive students riding out social distancing in the most ridiculous ways.

From slip and slides to getting too good at TikTok dances, students across the country are coping with the pandemic the only way they know: being dumb as hell.

Why not grill some meat in these trying times?

Now is the time to get really really good at TikTok dances

With no social contact for months, online clout is really all they’ve got

Like, why not get TikTok famous if you’re not allowed outside?

Not sure if I respect the guy going to da club, even if it is empty

The students bringing the club to their house are taking social distancing far more seriously

If I were self-isolating in halls, I would simply make a slip and slide

One silver lining in all this is that students are finally learning to cook pasta with something other than pesto

Perhaps by the time the pubs re-open this lot will be dancing in sync

And, even more hopefully, singing in tune

Seeing as the real Olympics aren’t going to happen, may as well throw your own

Forget beach volleyball, play concrete volleyball with your neighbours

Although best of all the games is drunk Twister

Dancing with your mates whilst practicing safe social distancing, the perfect distraction

There is no better way to show your friends some love and appreciation than necking a pint for them

This guy has turned his fridge into a wine dispenser. That is all

These guys turned their lounge into a games room, complete with what looks like a bar

I’d like to pick holes in the “just get in a box” approach but simply cannot

If the pandemic is going to collapse society, at least we’ll have fun on the way down.

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