Wait, there’s a fit Tory MP? He’s a doctor and a Birmingham grad

I wouldn’t mind being stuck in isolation with him

Right now watching the news is very depressing, the constant updates and scaremongering is enough to make you turn it straight off, but there is one very important reason you should be having your TV on 24/7. There’s a VERY attractive Member of Parliament.

Someone on Twitter posted a picture of him at one of the coronavirus updates and naturally every one wants to know who he is.

Turns out he’s Dr. Luke Evans, MP for Hinckley & Bosworth and the Internet is pretty much obsessed.

Yes, he’s a Tory but watch this video and you will be gagging to spend a night with him in his country home, surrounded by his Labradors and talking about how much you love the royals.

The well fitting suit, the casual lean back and arm stretch, the confident voice, ugh dead. This man has big dick energy and it’s exactly what I need to get me through the pandemic.

Here is everything we know about Tory MP, Dr. Luke Evans:

He’s the Tory MP for Hinckley & Bosworth

Luke won his seat in the latest general election with 46.6 per cent of the vote.

Even standing next to Boris doesn’t make him look unappealing. That jaw line. Wow.

He’s a doctor

His whole family is in medicine, including his two younger brothers (there’s three of them!!) He was a junior doctor for two years before lecturing in medicine at Birmingham uni and then completed training to become a GP. Can you imagine him being your doctor?

He’s sharing loads of helpful videos for coronavirus

As a doctor and an MP, he’s naturally very into coronavirus right now and is sharing a lot of videos. Dr. Luke has created one explaining what social distancing and isolation mean. He’s also created a hand washing video and never has something so clean made me want to do so many dirty things.

He’s a Birmingham grad

Dr. Luke attended The University of Birmingham Medical School in 2002 and graduated as junior doctor in 2007. He’s said he was interested in rugby when he was younger, so he was probably one of the rugby boys at uni.

He’s married to another doctor

She’s really fit as well. God, it just isn’t fair that people can be intelligent AND good looking.

He’s getting a puppy!!

Pre coronavirus panic Luke shared on his Twitter he was getting a dog with his wife and the puppy is honestly so cute.

In fact his entire Instagram is just full of pics of him with animals

He just looks so happy to be there!

He loves a kebab

Clearly a man after our own hearts.

Who would have thought coronavirus would have produced a new hottie?

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