A fellow contestant is claiming the Love Is Blind virgin wasn’t even a virgin!

Wait, so it was all a lie?!

Remember Taylor Lupton? You probably don’t by name, but you’ll definitely remember the Love Is Blind virgin. Well we all thought the biggest scandal was that he came on Love Is Blind, announced he was a virgin and then seemed to disappear into thin air. Well that isn’t the scandal at all, because now a fellow contestant is claiming the Love Is Blind virgin is not (I repeat, NOT) a virgin!!

Have we been taken for fools this entire time? A fellow Love Is Blind cast member and friend of Taylor’s has claimed that he was not a virgin at the time of filming, and instead it was weird editing and then everyone just going with it which lead the world to believe otherwise.

In the first episode of the dating show, the guys were asking one another if any of them were a virgin. Taylor is seen raising his hand and the guys say: “Really? Are you virgin?” Taylor said yes. He said he was a 31-year-old virgin and was waiting for the right person. Then he disappeared into thin air and was never heard of again.

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Then fellow Love Is Blind cast member, Andy Rickert, who was across the table from Taylor when he made his confession, slid into The Tab’s DMs to set the record straight. He claimed Taylor was not a virgin when the show was filmed. To double check it was the real Andy, we checked the profile and he’s got pictures of him and all of the cast on his profile and other cast members have commented on them on their legit profiles.


Andy told The Tab: “It’s kind of a running joke to be honest. Because he’s most definitely not one [a virgin]. He’s gotten a ton of texts from exes about it.

“That conversation is kind of chopped up and edited weirdly. It makes me look like I totally ruined the convo with my comment. [Andy is seen cutting in saying “sometimes right here is right here” and pointing at his groin] I’m pretty sure he just said it to play into his persona. The magic of television, and it’s sweet sweet lies.”

Love Is Blind, Netflix, dating show, virgin, Andy Rickert, Taylor Lupton

Andy on the show

Andy went on to say that Taylor never meant for the comment to blow up as much as it did. He claimed it was more the editing of the show that framed it as though he was a virgin and everyone just went with it. He added: “So that conversation, and a lot of others were somewhat staged. The producers would give a question to ask, in our case they had Westley ask the virgin question. But sadly I cannot remember how it all went down, mostly because we were all drinking. But it definitely didn’t just end after what I said.”

After Andy’s comment, the show cuts to Taylor talking and then to the girls discussing their dates – the conclusion of the conversation is not shown.

The Tab approached Taylor for comment, who did not reply. Andy said not replying is very “Taylorish” and he is “hopeless” at replying to messages. Yikes.

Well that’s that one then.

The Tab also approached Love Is Blind producers, but they are yet to comment on this scandalous claim. 

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