These are the 21 best reactions to *that* video, aka milk meme 2.0

It’s even funnier than the first

Remember that awful club picture of the guy speaking into the girls ear and the look on her face was priceless? It caused an instant meme, known as the milk meme. Well now there’s a new one and it’s in video form.

The live format really takes it to another level. The video was posted on Twitter back in November and it features a girl looking quite uncomfortable whilst a guy talks into her ear in a club.

This is the original video:

The scene is one most girls know all too well from many nights out and naturally Twitter has created a LOT of funny reactions to the video and guessing what the guy could be saying into her ear.

From awful chat up lines to redemption for Girls Aloud to coronavirus, this meme can cover all bases and is just classic.

Here are all the funniest reactions to the new milk meme:

1. “He’s never like this”

2. “Did they hurt?”

3. Wow, never heard this one before

4. “I’ve been to Dublin”

5. Draco was robbed

6. What every girl wants to hear tbh

7. Bless them, they always have so much self belief

8. Classic

9. It’s always a “knee injury”

10. Do you really though?

11. Sounds banging tbf

12. Sad, but probably true

13. The only worthy chat up line to use in the current climate

14. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk

15. You can have it back

16. The most impossible task

17. “Make our own cheese”

18. Real men don’t get coronavirus

19. This is the perfect time to announce a crush

20. “not ALL men”

21. “He likes you, honest!”

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