The chancellor has officially announced the tampon tax will be abolished


Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced the ‘tampon tax’ will be abolished, meaning there will be no VAT on any women’s sanitary products.

The change will come into effect next January.

Today, the chancellor was announcing the budget for the year and has said since we have left the EU he will abolish the tax.

Rishi Sunak congratulated everyone who had campaigned for this historic change.

Currently women’s sanitary products like tampons and pads are viewed as a “luxury item” and are subjected to a five per cent tax. This new change will reportedly save each woman £40 over their lifetime.

The tax abolishment comes after a 20-year campaign by women’s rights activists and this new change will reportedly cut off 7p from a pack of 20 tampons and 5p off a pack of 12 pads.

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