Students plan ‘Coronavirus Ball 2020’ in their uni halls

‘Bring your own cans and disinfectant spray 😷🎸😫🚨’

Whilst everyone else is stockpiling and considering self-isolation, a group of students have decided to brave it and throw a “Coronavirus Ball 2020”.

Trinity Hall at Trinity College Dublin is hosting an event telling students to “Bring your own cans and disinfectant spray 😷🎸😫🚨” and asking for an entry fee in Chinese Yuan.

As Trinity College announces all lectures from today are being held online for the rest of the semester, the event is spreading rapidly, with 1.8k people interested.


The event description reads: “Come dance your germs away at this once in a lifetime event! ¥20 entry fee.

“Bring your own cans and disinfectant spray 😷🎸😫🚨

“Dress code is business casual”


It’s a far cry from the precautionary measures being taken in the rest of Ireland, with Dublin’s annual St Patrick’s Day parade cancelled amid virus fears.

The students, though, aren’t phased, with the event organiser smiling through the pain to herald “50 confirmed cases of Party Fever in Ireland”.

Whilst the event’s organiser has said the party is a joke – citing the inability of any halls kitchen to fit nearly 2,000 people – if it does go ahead, the 20 Yuan entry fee could bring in a tidy €4,500

One concerned member of the public posted on the event’s wall: “I think that holding such an event is risking the spread of Covid-19. It should not go ahead, people’s lives could be put in jeopardy.”

If you’re holding a coronavirus social, let us know at [email protected]

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