Uni hits 47 students with fines for having ‘prohibited’ incense or candles on campus

Spare a thought for the freshers just trying to keep their long-distance relationship going

A uni has fined 47 students for having “prohibited” candles or incense on university premises, in a crushing blow to freshers just trying to get a bit of a mood going.

Manchester Uni came down hard on students in possession of either of the banned items on campus, handing out the fines in the time since September 2018, figures obtained by The Tab reveal.

In a more detailed breakdown, 36 fines were for candles and 11 for incense. Make of that what you will.

Two students were also fined last year for keeping an animal on university premises, whilst 58 students were fined for covering their fire detectors. Naughty.

In a more serious case, Manchester fined one student £20 for theft, money which was used to compensate the local shop for the items which had been stolen.

Currently, Manchester put the money collected from fines for students in halls towards the uni’s residences budget, but are reviewing this.

In other fines news to make you massively change your scumbag uni habits, the University of Chester issued one hapless student a £100 fine for “falsely signing into a lecture when not in attendance”.

Frankly less than ideal.

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