An Oxford University student has been diagnosed with coronavirus

The student had been overseas

An Oxford University student has tested positive for coronavirus after returning from a trip abroad.

The student is said to have self-isolated themselves as soon as they experienced symptoms of the disease.

The university has said it “anticipated” someone in their community getting the virus and said there are likely to be more cases as the it continues to spread across the UK. The University has confirmed it is open as usual.

In a letter to students, Vice Chancellor Louise Richardson said: “I am constrained in what I can say at the moment, but I am glad to report that the student self-isolated as soon as they developed symptoms and did not attend any college events after they felt ill.”

Public Health England (PHE) has advised that the risk to students remains “very low” and that college activities could continue as normal. PHE also confirmed that the university does not need to take any further public health actions in light of this case at this time.

The Oxford Mail has also reported that the Vice-Chancellor said: “Colleagues have been working with PHE to ensure that anyone who was in contact with the student after they felt ill has been notified and is able to gain access both in information and support.

“We have anticipated this eventuality and have been preparing for some weeks now. Moreover, given the rate of infection across the country, there will in all likelihood be other cases.”

An official statement from an Oxford University spokesman has said: “Our immediate concerns are for the affected student and their family, along with the health and wellbeing of our university staff, students and visitors. The student is being offered all necessary support.”

As of this morning, there have now been 211 positive tests for coronavirus in the UK. and two deaths.

Four of these cases have been found in Oxfordshire, where the university is located.

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