Meet the insanely fit cast of the BBC’s adaption of Noughts and Crosses

The show starts tonight

The BBC’s adaption of Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses starts tonight on BBC1 at 9pm. The Noughts and Crosses cast is full of a lot of talented and fit individuals including a Peaky Blinder actor, the fit guy from Mamma Mia and Stormzy. What a lineup.

The six part series is based on the iconic series of books from our childhood and is set in an alternate reality where Aprica colonised Albion hundreds of years ago.

Black people are the ruling elite and known as “crosses” and white people are the disadvantaged class called “noughts”. The series follows the relationship between Callum, a nought, and Sephy, a cross and the challenges they face.

Here is the full cast of Noughts and Crosses:

Jack Rowan as Callum McGregor

via Instagram @jackorowan

Jack plays Callum McGregor one of the noughts who has grown up in Albion. As part of a lower class family he works with his mother in one of the upper class cross houses. But he attempts to escape his situation by joining the Aprican army.

Jack has previously been in Peaky Blinders as Bonnie Gold, but left the show to take the lead role in Noughts and Crosses.

He won a Best Actor Bafta Cymru award in 2018 for his role in the film Born To Kill. Jack has nearly 19k followers on Instagram. He uses his Insta feed for promo of various projects he’s in but does occasionally post a cute pic of his girlfriend.

via Instagram @jackorowan

Instagram handle: @jackorowan

Masali Baduza as Sephy Hadley

via Instagram @masalibaduza

Masali plays Sephy Hadley who is part of one of the rich and powerful cross families. Her father is the Home Office minister and she used to know Callum when she was a child. The two of them meet again when Callum is working at a party thrown at Sephy’s house.

Masali was born and grew up in South Africa, she completed a film course with the New York Film Academy in LA before she landed the role of Sephy.

She has nearly 2k followers on Instagram and posts lots of pictures of herself with family and friends. Masali also has some insane outfits.

via Instagram @masalibaduza

Instagram handle: @masalibaduza

Josh Dylan as Jude McGregor

via Instagram @_joshdylan

Josh joins the Noughts and Crosses cast as Jude McGregor who is the older brother of Callum. Jude is angry with how the noughts are treated and resents his brother’s decision to join the Aprican military.

If you didn’t recognise Josh, he’s the fit guy from Mamma Mia Two. Apart from playing Young Bill, Josh has also been in The End of The Fucking World.

Josh has over 300k followers on Instagram and his feed is full of pictures of him with cats, glasses of wine and the occasional picture with his rumoured girlfriend Anya Chalotra, who was in the Netflix show The Witcher.

via Instagram @_joshdylan

Instagram handle: @_joshdylan

Kiké Brimah as Minerva Hadley

via Instagram @kikebrimah

Kiké plays Minerva Hadley, who is the older sister of Sephy and is described as “free spirited, fun and flirty”.

Kiké has been in a number of TV shows including Doctors and Death In Paradise. She has also been in a number of theatre productions.

She has nearly 1.5k followers on Instagram and she shares a lot of pictures of her looking banging and the occasional friends and family photo.

via Instagram @kikebrimah

Instagram handle: @kikebrimah

Jonathan Ajayi as Lekan Baako

via Instagram @jonathantaiwoajayi

Jonathan joins the Noughts and Crosses cast as Lekan Baako who is Sephy’s boyfriend and a member of the Aprican army.

Jonathan has previously been in the film The Drifters and is going to be in Wonder Woman, 1984 later in the year.

He has nearly 2k followers on Instagram. Jonathan has a few pictures of him hanging out with the rest of the Noughts and Crosses cast on his Insta.

via Instagram @jonathantaiwoajayi

Instagram handle: @jonathantaiwoajayi

Paterson Joseph as Kamal Hadley

via Instagram @patersondjoseph

Paterson plays Kamal Hadley, who is Sephy’s father and a Home Office official who wants to crack down on the civil unrest caused by the Noughts.

If you don’t recognise Paterson, he was the iconic Alan Johnson in Peep Show and a number of other TV shows including Casualty, Doctor Who and Timeless.

Helen Baxendale as Meggie McGregor

Helen joins the Noughts and Crosses cast as Meggie McGregor who is the mother of Callum and Jude. She works in the house of Hadley family.

Yes Helen is Emily from Friends, Ross’ annoying second wife. Helen has also been in Cuckoo and Cold Feet.

And notable mention goes to Stormzy as Kolawale

Stormzy plays Kolawale who is the editor of the newspaper the Ohene. I don’t really think I need to explain who Stormzy is.

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