A load of uni students have mumps so here’s all the best pics of the mumpedemic

My mumps, my lovely lady mumps, check it out

Mumps is dangerous. Mumps can kill. But aside from that, it is one of the funniest illnesses out there. In the wake of all this coronavirus panic, it’s nice to have good old mumps to fall back on.

When treated right, you’re pretty safe, and you’re quarantined so you only have you and your mump as company. Because you can’t show any of your mumpless friends your new appendage due to your highly contagious state, you have to take selfies. And these selfies – these selfies are priceless.

So grab a bag of popcorn and tuck in while we walk you through the mumps hall of fame for the academic year of 2019/2020. Congrats guys, you made it!

Izzy, Nottingham

Benjamin Archer, Durham

Camilla Giaj Levra, Durham

Sam Garner, Newcastle

Will Pritchard, Durham

Gina Hardy, Brookes

Anna Maran, Durham

Caitlin Scott, Newcastle

Genevieve Hull, Durham

Vitale, Durham

Matthew Cooper, Durham

George Figgis, Durham

Kerry Whitehead, Newcastle

Angus Lorimer, Durham

Miranda Pilkington, Nottingham

Jade Jemima, Newcastle

Matthew Smith, Newcastle

Olivia Harkin, Newcastle

Niamh Gunn, Newcastle

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