These cute pics of the Love Is Blind cast prove they’re all friends in real life

Cameron and Damian’s friendship is honestly goals

If you’re suffering from Love Is Blind withdrawal symptoms and need a fix of Amber, Lauren and Cameron before the reunion special on Thursday, then these pictures are probably the only thing that’s going to help.

The contestants are now finally allowed to share pictures on their social media and loads of them have been sharing behind the scenes filming pictures of their time on the show a year and a half ago. Jessica even shared pictures of her and Mark looking super happy and it’s a real shock to the system.

What’s more is loads of them have formed real friendships from the show and often hang out together. I just want to know how I join this fun gang.

Here are all the best pictures of the Love Is Blind contestants hanging out in real life:

All the girls just hanging out in the studio whilst filming

via Instagram @iam_daniellerose

Can I be part of this girl gang please?

The boys in their “frat house”

via Instagram @rorynewbrough

Why is Barnett not smiling?

Love is Blind x Stranger Things

via Instagram @cameronreidhamilton

I know it’s not a competition, but may I present our winners Ladies & Gentleman.

The bromance is still going strong

via Instagram @cameronreidhamilton

Cameron uploaded this picture last year, which means they were just hanging out together not for promo and what a pairing they are.

They’re so cute

via Instagram @markanthonycuevas_

Didn’t know I needed this friendship in my life till now. Also, how fit does Lauren look?!

OMG it’s Amber and LC!!!!

via Instagram @atypicalamber

I am so happy that these two are friends and haven’t allowed a man to come between them. This is the female friendships we need to see.

LC and Kenny hanging out – can they become a couple please?

via Instagram @123laurenc

They’re pictured at a Charity Boxing Match and they’re probably just friends, but they’re both so wholesome and deserving of love, can they just get together now.

What a cute selfie

via Instagram @chaselifewithkelly

Kelly posted this throwback from their bachelorette party and it’s just nice to see.

Wow a Jessica and Mark pic?

via Instagram @jessicabatten24

Ok, so this was definitely taken whilst they were filming as the pair haven’t spoken since then, but it’s nice to see they were once happy.

Again, so mad seeing them look all happy together

via Instagram @jessicabatten24

Look at sweet baby Mark, completely unaware he was going to get ditched at the altar.

Wow, look at this trio

via Instagram @damian_powers

Name me three better men, I’ll wait.

Loads of the gang back together

via Instagram @westleybaer

Amber, Damain, Kelly, Gigi, Barnett, LC and a few others from the pods who didn’t make the rest of the episodes like Westley, Rory and Lexie.

Mark and Damian hanging out with Mark’s fit sister

via Instagram @markanthonycuevas_

Seeing them all hangout and become friends is the true victory of the show.

Can I be part of this group??

via Instagram @iam_daniellerose

Ah, it’s all the girls hanging out before they go into the pods.

Our main man Rory who deserved better from Netflix

via Instagram @rorynewbrough

Awww Rory and Danielle got engaged before breaking up and Danielle dating another cast member.

Diamond and the rest of the cast who didn’t make it out of the pods

via Instagram @iam_daniellerose

It’s so great that they’re all such good friends.

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