Student gets put in quarantine for being hungover on a flight

Cabin crew panicked after she asked for paracetamol and an upgrade to business class

A student has been placed in quarantine after cabin crew panicked over her in-flight hangover and suspected she might have Coronavirus.

Roehampton student Julia Walentine had been hitting the beers hard before her flight home, only to find herself ordered to wear a mask when she asked cabin crew for paracetamol.

After the flight from Cambodia touched the tarmac in Heathrow, Julia was met with fire crews in hazmat suits and made to self-quarantine for 14 days.

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

Roehampton student Julia Walentin originally planned to go to China on holiday, but had to change her plans when the Coronavirus outbreak hit.

Instead, she went to Cambodia with her friend Dina.

During their layover in Singapore on their return home, the pair stayed up until 2am drinking and celebrating the trip.

“We had a really heavy night of drinking. We were up until 2am,” Julia told The Sun.

“I had been throwing up in the hotel because I hadn’t eaten and just had way too much.”

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

“We had to be at the airport at 6am, so we both had hardly any sleep and I felt so hungover. Just travelling to the airport was bad enough.”

When on the flight, Julia wasn’t feeling much better. Suffering from a booze-induced headache, she asked cabin crew for paracetamol or even an upgrade to business class.

However, rather than being met with sympathy, Julia’s request sparked panic. She was told to wear a face mask and lie down, whilst other passengers were told to move away from her.

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

On the plus side, this meant Julia had a row to herself.

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

“I just wanted to go home but they told me they had to follow protocol and they were taking it very seriously,” Julia said.

“I was so embarrassed. Everyone was annoyed that they had been held up on the plane. They knew it was because of me.”

When the plane touched down in Heathrow, Julia and Dina had to stay on the plane, which was met by fire crews in hazmat suits.

The pair were then quarantined and sent to a “secret” hotel room.

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

“We were told not to open our blinds and not to tell our family and friends too much. Just to say that we were fine and would be home soon,” Julia told The Sun.

They did manage to get bottles of Corona as part of their room service, before being “upgraded” to home isolation.

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

Now stuck in their London flat, Julia and Dina are surviving on a diet of more Coronas and Uber Eats.

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

Julia is documenting her quarantine journey on Instagram, and has been reunited with her things.

via Instagram: @walentinjulia

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