Vote: Who is categorically the fittest Made In Chelsea boy ever?

Tough call between Alex and Miles

Let’s face it all the Made In Chelsea boys are fit. Tanned, toned and loaded. There’s just something about these men that is irresistible.

Is it the accent? The house in the country? Who knows. We all fancy them. A fair few of them aren’t always known for being loyal and yet when it comes down to it, I don’t think any of us are strong enough to resist their wit and charm.

But which is the fittest of all the SW3 gang? It’s the question which has baffled scholars for years. Is it classic Spencer Matthews? Or maybe a newer addition to the cast like Digby?

Well it’s up to you to decide who you think is really the fittest boy in Made In Chelsea ever.

Jamie Laing

via Instagram @jamielaing

Jamie really is the back bone of the entire show. Without his various string of lovers and arguments the show would be severely lacking in drama. He’s cute, cheeky and you just know he’d chat you up and despite yourself, you’d fall head over heels for him.

Jamie is also incredibly ambitious – Candy Kittens, his podcast, every panel show going – this man won’t stop until he’s done it all. Including the cha cha on Strictly. And for that, you have to love him.

Spencer Matthews

via Instagram @spencermatthews

Spencer, the original MIC villain, has really turned his life around. He’s a very fit dad, knows how to cook banging meals and is super devoted to Vogue. Which you just love to see.

Also have you seen him on CBBC reading to kids? Who are you and what have you done with Spencer Matthews? Because this new one is fit.

Hugo Taylor

via Instagram @hugotaylorlondon

Hugo is a classic posh boy and yes there was the whole Millie and Rosie love triangle. But Hugo and Millie are happily married now and they’re about to have a baby, so there will be another fit MIC dad. God they really are spoiling us.

Francis Boulle

via Instagram @francis.boulle

Francis has always been underrated and we’re here to give him some appreciation. Since the beginning Francis has been clever, witty, business focused and not as much of a fuck boy as the other MIC guys.

He fell in love with Sophia which was so sweet and yes he’s a bit goofy and awkward but look at his dress sense. Impeccable.


via Instagram @proudlock

Proudlock is an almighty all rounder. He’s physically very attractive and you can tell he looks after himself. He’s incredibly devoted to his fianceé Emma.

He looks like he’d hold a decent conversation. Proudlock is also very charming, but not in a “I want to get into your knickers” way as in “I’m just a generally nice charismatic person”.

Proudlock works hard on his Serge De Nimes brand and there is just something about him which is so damn fine.

Stevie Johnson

via Instagram @stevie

Stevie is such a good egg. Wholesome and kind, you could easily take him back to meet your mum. Stevie is the kind of guy you marry and he’s also pretty nice to look at.


via Instagram @joshuapatterson_jp

Another fit MIC dad. Seriously what do they put in the water in SW10? JP is now using his influencer platform to bring awareness to a variety of causes and has a regular podcast celebrating people’s resilience. Well done JP.

Sam Thompson

via Instagram @samthompsonuk

Sam has really grown on everyone since he first appeared on Made in Chelsea and now I can’t imagine the show without him. He’s funny, constantly takes the piss of Louise’s Instagram posts and looks very loved up with Zara.

Alex Mytton

via Instagram @alexmytton

Alex is very funny, has a great friendship with Jamie and we know he shags a lot so he probably knows what he’s doing in bed. Do I need any more reasons to convince you?

Digby Edgley

via Instagram @digby_edgley

Digby has left Made In Chelsea so we don’t get to see this fine man on our TV screens. His up and down relationship with Liv was incredibly boring but he was a dedicated boyfriend and for that we admire him.

Miles Nazaire

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

Bonsoir Miles. Look at that stare. I’m dead. Half French, full fittie, Miles is a serious contender for this title. Can you imagine him speaking French to you?

Miles is funny, has a decent personality and is dedicated to the gym.

Harry Baron

via Instagram @harryukbaron

Harry is an incredibly dedicated and loyal boyfriend to Melissa, they’ve been together for what feels like years now. Harry is also a very dapper dresser and that always makes a man 10 times fitter.

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