Meet Wyatt Oleff aka Stanley Barber in Netflix’s I Am Not Okay with This

He is hands down the best character on the show

“I Am Not Okay With This” landed on Netflix yesterday and all of Twitter is obsessed with Stanley Barber and want to protect him at all costs.

Stanley is played by Wyatt Oleff who is only 16, and yet has already achieved more in his career than I probably will in my entire lifetime.

Everyone loves Stanley – his 80s style outfits, his love for Sydney, his lack of shoes – what a guy. And turns out Wyatt is also pretty cool.

Here is everything we know about Wyatt Oleff:

He’s been acting since he was nine years old

One of Wyatt’s first acting roles was in Guardians of The Galaxy as young Peter Quill. Pretty impressive for one of your first jobs. He’s since been in the second Guardians of The Galaxy. Wyatt has also appeared on the occasional Disney Channel show and was in one of Sia’s music videos.

Wyatt has already worked with Sophia Lillis on the IT films

If you’re thinking Sophia and Wyatt look familiar, that’s because they’ve already appeared together in both the IT films and Wyatt played another Stanley in those movies.

The I Am Not Okay With This cast. Via Instagram @wyattoleff

He has his own YouTube channel and has over 250k subscribers

Wyatt’s channel is where he does videos creating skits and the occasional unboxing gaming videos.

Wyatt is friends with Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike in Stranger Things

I guess uber popular Netflix success kids just have to stick together. They were also both in IT, so that’s probably what makes them friends.

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Happy Birthday big man

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Wyatt has two million followers on Instagram

Wyatt’s Instagram is full of promo for I Am Not Okay With This and a lot of backstage photos of the cast hanging out. He also shares videos from his YouTube account and the occasional selfie.

via Instagram @wyattoleff

He makes his own films

So when he’s not working on other people’s shows, he creates his own. Wyatt recently shared on his Instagram a poster of the film he co-directed “Writer’s Block” which is a psychological thriller but isn’t available anywhere yet.

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